FIT (Freestyle Interval Training) is a high-intensity class that uses creative exercises to get your heart rate up and build strength. It’s a little challenging, a little sweaty, and a […]


Knock out your personal fitness goals in BoxFit, an addictive and fast-pace class that will leave you feeling as good as a prize fighter! BoxFit combines boxing exercises with cardio […]

Aqua Fit

Aqua FIT takes the full-body workout into our salt-water pools. This isn’t your traditional water aerobics! This class focuses on cardio, balance, strength, and your core. Come Test the Waters […]

Les Mills BodyPump

We’re taking the total body workout to the next level with Les Mills BodyPump. You’ll use light, adjustable weights to build lean muscle and burn some serious calories in this […]


BodyAttack is a cardio-based class that uses no weights and will leave you with an amazing full-body workout. This widely popular class combines high-impact aerobics with low impact options, running, […]


Kick your training program into high gear with the indoor cycling class, RPM, from Les Mills. Climb hills, and burst into sprints; push yourself with this steady-state cardio class meant […]


At Bob’s Gym, we believe those who dance together, get fit together! Zumba is more than a dance fitness class; it’s a party! You’ll quickly pick up the choreography as […]


WERQ is a growing cardio dance fitness class that takes the fun and energy of the night club and brings it right into the studio. This class offers refreshing new […]

Senior Fit

It’s important to maintain strength, mobility, and balance as we age. Our senior fit classes do all of this and much more. We believe a body in motion stays in […]


Take a few kettlebells, dumbbells, and a cowbell (huh? You read that right) … and you have Gauntlet. Gauntlet is a circuit-style class that hits every body part while getting […]

Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates mixes graceful ballet conditioning moves and dance. Strengthen and lengthen the muscles using isometric contractions, holding the body in strengthening poses. Come learn something new about your body […]


Exercise your mind and body with Bob’s Gym’s gentle flow yoga classes. These classes are your chance to recharge your body while building strength, flexibility, toning, and mindfulness. Find Your […]