Barre Pilates mixes graceful ballet conditioning moves and dance. Strengthen and lengthen the muscles using isometric contractions, holding the body in strengthening poses. Come learn something new about your body during every class!

Go With The Flow

There’s no prior dance or pilates skills required for Barre Pilates. We’ll teach you the basics while weaving in breathing exercises and giving you motivation and technical support. Each class meshes high reps and balancing exercises that are gentle on the joints. You’ll hold positions for an extended period to target your legs, glutes, abdominal muscles, and arms. It’s not uncommon to feel your muscles start to tremble. We call that embracing the shake!

What to Expect

Barre Pilates uses a ballet barre and light weights. Each Bob’s Gym location is equipped with ballet barres and space for you and your classmates. You can wear shoes, socks or grips, or go barefoot. Class begins with a short warm up focusing on the muscle groups you’ll use throughout the class. No two classes are the same, but expect to get your entire body involved.

Our classes are crafted to give you confidence and healthy mind body balance! You’ll gain

  • Flexibility
  • Core conditioning
  • Strength and toning
  • Lengthening of muscles
  • Better posture

Barre Pilates Class Schedule at BFit North

NOV 26
NOV 27
NOV 28
NOV 29
NOV 30
9:00 AM

DEC 01
DEC 02
9:00 AM

Get Fit, Have Fun

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