Knock out your personal fitness goals in BoxFit, an addictive and fast-pace class that will leave you feeling as good as a prize fighter! BoxFit combines boxing exercises with cardio and weight training in 45 minutes!

Come Out Swinging

BoxFit is a no-contact cardio class that drives up your heart rate and teaches your simple boxing combinations! Your instructor will dedicate time to each participant to teach boxing drills and proper technique to ensure your safety and set you on a success path. This class is for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned boxer or aim to take out some stress on a heavy bag!

What to Expect

Class members often complete circuits that include time on the heavy bag or speed bag, jumprope, weighted exercises, and good ol’ fashion cardio. There is no bell to signify the end of each round, but look to your instructor for when to switch tasks or move to the next station!

Members are asked to bring their own boxing gloves, but Bob’s Gym will provide all other equipment. When you become a regular at BoxFit, expect to increase your cardio and conditioning, balance, strength, and overall boxing skills.

Come bob and weave your way to a stronger body!

BOXFIT Class Schedule at BFit North

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DEC 09

Knock Out Your Fitness Goals

There is a spot for you in our Group Ex classes. Join in and get fit, have fun!