Take a few kettlebells, dumbbells, and a cowbell (huh? You read that right) … and you have Gauntlet. Gauntlet is a circuit-style class that hits every body part while getting your heart pumping. Come once, and you’ll leave feeling stronger than ever while discovering new fitness friends.

Unleash Your Inner Gladiator

There is a Gauntlet Gladiator in everyone ready to jump out. We welcome all shapes, sizes, and ages, in our Gauntlet classes. Our instructors keep the workouts creative and fun, and you’ll find motivation from your fellow classmates! Don’t be surprised if you see our instructor Glenn waving around a cowbell during class.

What to Expect

Gauntlet was designed by Bob’s Trainer Glenn Ubelhor, a former bodybuilder and competitive athlete! You’ll run through the exercises like deadlifts, crunches, push-ups and much more. All the equipment you’ll need is here at the gym, and we’ll even throw in some bodyweight movements.

This class is ideal for those looking to build muscle, tone the abs, gain some endurance, or simply get in a great sweat. Our Gauntlet classes have hosted everyone from champion bodybuilders, to kids, and grandparents!

Gauntlet Class Schedule at BFit North

DEC 02
DEC 03
DEC 04
10:30 AM

DEC 05
DEC 06
DEC 07
DEC 08

Build a Stronger You

Start or build on your fitness journey today at Bob’s. We’re here for you!