WERQ is a growing cardio dance fitness class that takes the fun and energy of the night club and brings it right into the studio. This class offers refreshing new choreography and a fast pace certain to get your heart pumping.

Get in Your WERQout

WERQ is rapid, athletic, and nonstop. It combines fresh hip hop and pop music with fresh dance moves to give each participant an authentic and memorable experience. This class is energetic, fun, and often leaves members dripping with sweat!

Instructors introduce new moves in every class, but don’t let that intimidate you. You’ll repeat these moves several times throughout the class. We ease into every class and end every class with a balance, yoga-like exercise.

What to Except

WERQ is for all levels and you don’t need to bring a thing. If you like to dance, this class is for you! Once the music starts pumping, you’ll fall right in! Because this is a nonstop class, it’s possible to burn 500 calories or more during every session. We have a number of talented WERQ instructors, and you can find WERQ classes at any location.

WERQ Class Schedule at BFit North

DEC 03
DEC 04
WERQ® Dance Fitness
8:00 AM

DEC 05
DEC 06
WERQ® Dance Fitness
6:30 PM

DEC 07
DEC 08
DEC 09

Get Fit Together

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